Axiom Verge Review

This is another game I’ve postponed for a long time. I’m a big fan of Metroid and Castlevania so Metroidvanias are a no-brainer for me. When this game came out for the Switch I knew it was time.

I finished Axiom Verge while playing on and off for 10 days (this for me is very short). I can’t remember picking up a game and only being able to put it down when it’s finished!

The game is great all over but I’ll detail presentation, story and gameplay which are the aspects I love the most about this game.


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Doing metrics in Django

I’ve been trying to find a good and repeatable way of doing metrics in Django. When I say metrics I mean something like: “User played X amount of games in month Y.”

This has been a big struggle. We’ve yet to figure a good way of doing this.

Our requirements are:

  • no 3rd party service (we need to write and read these values)
  • no secondary database (postgresql should do just nicely)
  • Django ORM needs to work properly

If a good solution presents itself we are more than willing to waiver these requirements. But still they are the assumptions we are working on. Onto the problem itself.

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Game Medley

Streets of Red

A nice and kinda tough Beat’em up, great art style and gameplay. Only drawback for me was the replay value. I can’t tell you specifically what they should’ve done more because I don’t really know. But as polished as the game is I felt like something was missing.

Still worth it. The controls are great and it requires some mastery to be good at it.

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