Doing metrics in Django

I’ve been trying to find a good and repeatable way of doing metrics in Django. When I say metrics I mean something like: “User played X amount of games in month Y.”

This has been a big struggle. We’ve yet to figure a good way of doing this.

Our requirements are:

  • no 3rd party service (we need to write and read these values)
  • no secondary database (postgresql should do just nicely)
  • Django ORM needs to work properly

If a good solution presents itself we are more than willing to waiver these requirements. But still they are the assumptions we are working on. Onto the problem itself.

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Game Medley

Streets of Red

A nice and kinda tough Beat’em up, great art style and gameplay. Only drawback for me was the replay value. I can’t tell you specifically what they should’ve done more because I don’t really know. But as polished as the game is I felt like something was missing.

Still worth it. The controls are great and it requires some mastery to be good at it.

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Goodbye OnePlus

Before OnePlus came along I had never bought a phone. Ever! I always got my father’s “scraps” and second hand phones. But when I saw the OnePlus One I fugred the right phone had come along and I bought it.

The phone was amazing! The Sandstone black back cover was just gorgeous and super useful (I’m really don’t the current “slippery” phones). Another awesome feature was Cyanogen. Being able to have the latest versions of Android was great. And being a geek like I am flashing and customizing the phot was great.

Then the Oneplus 2 came along. Simple improvements, same sandstone black cover. All was great.

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